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If you wish to join us and race this season with an F3 1000cc, please download the 2018 membership form here.

Zürich by Night Award Dinner 2019

Our traditional championship award dinner will take place at the restaurant Kantorei in the center of Zürich, Switzerland on Saturday, February 9th, 2019 - save the date! Don't miss this opportunity and discover a new city or combine this event with some skiing in the nearby Swiss mountains.

Circuit Dijon Dijon Motors Cup

The final round of the 2018 season took place at Dijon-Prenois FRFR with a stand-alone double header in perfect conditions as part of the Motors Cup which turned out to be a great meeting with Historic F1, Historic F2, Historic F3, Formula Junior and Masters Sports Cars all present. It was no surprise as Geoffroy Rivet secured pole ahead of the closely matched group of Widmer, Spaggiari, Derossi and Gallo. Equally matched was the following group of Muller, Slotine, O'nion, Delea and the Timms father-son Brabham BT21 double-pack. Unfortunately an unlucky Life Bosson had to call it a weekend after qualifying due to premature engine failure. Anticipation increased prior to race 1 and it was Muller who was most determined to get things going, even before the lights went off, taking the lead initially from P9 but later obliged to take a detour via the pitlane. The safety car briefly came out as O'nion was forced to park his Tecno on the uphill after the Parabolique due to a broken drive-shaft spline. Widmer took the lead on the restart ahead of Rivet and Spaggiari but order was quickly reestablished by Rivet and the trio managed to escape from the chasing pack, all involved in close racing throughout the field. On Sunday Rivet managed to escape right at the start of race 2, however there was plenty of slip-stream action in the two groups following as positions changed lap by lap. In the end Rivet won the last race of the season ahead of Derossi, Widmer and Spaggiari followed by Muller, Slotine, O'nion, the Timms duo and Delea, all crossing the finish line just seconds apart. Overall a great race and weekend on one of the best tracks for our cars. A delighted Widmer wins the 2018 trophy with 9 podium finishes in 10 championship races ahead of Derossi and Slotine, all three scoring points in each and every race of the season. Results, pictures and video are online. A date and venue for the award dinner in Switzerland CHCH will be announced soon.


Watch a few laps onboard Widmer's Brabham in race 2 at Dijon - screamer slip-stream racing!

Circuit Nogaro Nogaro 58th Grand Prix

The penultimate round of the 2018 championship took place at Circuit Paul Armagnac Nogaro - our first appearance on this track. Entries unfortunately were quite low despite a fantastic offering - unsilencend standalone double header, qualifying and one free practice - a total of four 25 minutes sessions each - plus free pit garages - all for €500 in sunny FRFR France. Gallo was fastest in qualifying ahead of Widmer and Derossi. Mussa was fourth, however unfortunately his weekend ended prematurely after damaging his Tecno in an unlucky encounter with a barrier. Series returnée Renavand placed fifth ahead of Slotine and Messer. Conditions were blistering hot for race 1 on Saturday afternoon. Gallo lead initially chased by Widmer, Derossi and Renavand. The lead changed to Widmer after two laps while the high temperatures started to affect Derossi's Chevron and Gallo's Tecno, forcing Derossi to retire and Gallo to reduce his pace. In the end, Widmer was first to see the checkered flag while Renavand managed to snatch P2 from Gallo on the last lap. Race 2 saw an early retirement of Gallo due to a broken rose-joint while Derossi was a relentless shadow to Widmer for the entire race. The two eventually crossed the finish line side-by-side with Widmer hanging on to P1 by a mere 0.137 of a seconds - a true nail-biter from start to finish. Results and pictures and video are online.


Watch Derossi in his Chevron chase Widmer's Brabham in race 2 at Nogaro.

Brands Hatch 2018 Brands Hatch Superprix

Brilliant conditions, plenty of sunshine, a splendid BBQ and a fantastic track rewarded competitors present at Brands Hatch for round 3 of the 2018 championship. Pole position went to Milicevic who was half a second quicker than Hibberd, followed by the continental group of Widmer, Fischer, Derossi and Spaggiari. Unfortunately Fischer's engine lost oil pressure, once again ending a weekend prematurely for the unlucky German. As expected Milicevic and Hibberd were chasing each other for the majority of race 1 until Hibberd's Checkered Flag Brabham started to loose power, thus handing victory to Milicevic ahead of Smith and Scott. However, wheel-to-wheel racing could be observed throughout the field as several groups enjoyed close company. Unlucky driver of race on Saturday was Widmer as a steering arm failed on the last corner of the last lap, sending his Brabham into the tire barrier after an otherwise excellent race. However, the entire Historic F3 family rallied with parts, labor, drinks, advice, tools and moral support in order to repair the striken car in time for the second race on Sunday morning. Once again it was Milicevic and Hibberd chasing each other, only this time around, it was Milicevic who had to retire prematurely due to a broken rocker, thus handing victory to Hibberd ahead of Scott who was the only driver on the podium in both races. Gallo, Derossi, Spaggiari, Widmer and Thruston were trading positions all race long, just as Waggitt, Muller, Linstone, Hamilton and Sewell did in the group following. In the end, Widmer's effort to repair his Brabham was rewarded with a podium finish which felt like victory after an emotional roller coaster weekend. Team GBGB Great Britain B with Hibberd, Scott and Waggitt wins the Nations Cup. Results, pictures and video are now online.


Watch the first few laps of race 2 on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit onboard Widmer's Brabham.

Cadwell Park 2018 Cadwell Park

The second round of the 2018 championship took place at iconic Cadwell Park GBGB. Attendance was a bit lower than a year ago, however, the 19 pilots, mechanics and friends present in order to compete in the Justin Haler Trophy were rewarded with perfect conditions - fantastic track, blue sky and sunshine all weekend. Qualifying was briefly interrupted after an unfortunate clash at Coppice, prematurely ending the weekend for Messer and Timms. After action resumed, Milicevic in his Brabham set the pace as expected and secured pole well ahead of Hughes in the ex-Methley Merlin, Waine in the rare DeSanctis and Derossi in the familiar Chevron. The first race saw intense battles throughout the field, most notably between Milicevic and Hughes for the lead and the closely matched group of Waggit, Scott, Derossi and Widmer. Sadly Hughes had to pull out due to engine failure on lap 6, allowing Milicevic to escape and cruise to victory well ahead of Waine while Widmer managed to fend off Waggit and Scott after Derossi dropped back due to a spin on the penultimate lap. The intensity of race 1 is maybe best illustrated by the fact that the five drivers between P2 and P6 all posted lap times within a margin of 3/10 of a second, bringing back memories of close slip-stream racing in period. Milicevic never left any doubt regarding who would win race 2 as he comfortably lead from start to finish to record his fifth Historic F3 victory in as many races in 2018. Second position however was once again hotly contested. Waggit was first to lead the best of the rest initially, on lap 2 Widmer took over the position only to be passed by Waine and Scott a few laps later. A spin at Hall Bends on lap 11 dropped Waine down the order while Scott and Widmer continued to fend for P2. Widmer managed to squeeze by on the last lap and crossed the finish line a mere 2/10 of a second ahead of Scott, followed by Waggit, Waine, Thruston, Bosson and Linestone. Results and pictures are online - video will follow.

Paul Ricard 2018 Paul Ricard Historic Tour

Fellow competitors were relieved to see Fischer return to racing for the start of the 2018 season after an involuntary year long break. The weather was great all weekend and the newly surfaced track incredibly quick, but unfortunately Paul Ricard was not too kind to the two Tecnos present; Gallo suffered terminal engine failure on the first lap in qualifying, and Fischer initially struggled with electrical issues. As a result, Derossi took pole ahead of Widmer, Bosson and Timms. In race 1, with electrical issues sorted thanks to Widmer's Spare Parts department, Fischer quickly demonstrated that he had not forgotten how to race. He enjoyed a good battle with Derossi for the lead until the Tecno's engine seized two laps from the end, thus handing an easy victory to Derossi ahead of Widmer, who recovered from a spin on lap one, and Muller, who had a very strong weekend altogether. Timms followed closely behind ahead of Bosson, Slotine and Pircher. In race 2 on Sunday morning, Derossi lead from the start, while Widmer and Muller traded places a few times due to taking turns at spins respectively, while Timms stayed flawless throughout the weekend. In the end, Derossi scored a double victory while Widmer and Timms completed the podium ahead of Muller and Slotine. Overall, not least due to Regis Prevost's excellent organization, it was a very enjoyable Easter weekend in sunny South of France on a track ready for the return of F1 later in the year. Results, pictures and video are now online.


Watch Derossi and Fischer trading positions for a few laps in race 1 at Paul Ricard onboard Derossi's Chevron.

Goodwood 76MM Snow at Goodwood #76MM

The weather was quite pleasant as 29 competitors arrived at the 76th Members' Meeting in order to participate in the Derek Bell Cup at Goodwood GBGB. However, conditions changed dramatically overnight, and on Saturday morning temperatures barely reached 2 degrees C. Nevertheless, the track was still dry for qualifying and grip was reasonable considering the low ambient temperature. Current British Historic F3 champion Jon Milicevic took pole, ahead of last year's winner Andrew Hibberd, followed by a suprised Christoph Widmer, making it a 1-2-3 Brabham front row ahead of Gallo, Armer, Bankhurst, Kite and Spaggiari. Unfortunately, the engine of three-time podium finisher Thompson failed on the third lap, as did the engines of Waine and Haughton. Gallo span on the last lap at St. Mary's, damaging the right rear corner of his Tecno, however a combined team effort succeeded in repairing the stricken car for the race. Unbelievably, conditions turned for the worse with competitors facing snow and sub-zero temperatures as well as a gritted (salted) track on Sunday, leading many to withdraw their entry from the race, including Andrew Hibberd, winner of the last two Derek Bell Cups. In the end, 11 brave pilots lined up on the grid to take the start. Widmer lead at the beginning but was passed by pole-setter Milicevic after Fordwater. Milicevic extended his lead ahead of Armer and Gallo as Widmer span at Lavant, and from that moment on, it was clear that only a technical defect could stop Milicevic who, in the end, scored a comfortable and well-deserved victory in his Brabham BT21. Gallo in the Jaussaud Tecno and Armer in the March both had an excellent race, and completed the podium with Gallo setting the fastest lap of the race. Next up was the duo of Bankhurst and Mussa ahead of Widmer, Kite, Smeets and O'Nion - all relieved to have finished the race on a very slippery track. Results and pictures are now online, video will follow.

Brands Hatch 2016 2018 Calendar

We are very happy to publish our calendar for 2018. Just like the last three years, the season will be launched in style in March with the non-championship Derek Bell Cup at the 76th Members' Meeting at Goodwood GBGB. The regular championship starts just two weeks later over the long Easter weekend with a double-header on the Paul Ricard FRFR circuit in the South of France - the very same track that will be used by Formula One for the French GP later in the year. The second round of the 2018 championship will take place at Cadwell Park GBGB for a standalone double-header for the Justin Haler Trophy in May. Next up the screamers will return to Brands Hatch GBGB in order to compete in the 7th Nations Cup Revival on the spectacular Grand Prix circuit. Round four will be a standalone double-header at Nogaro FRFR - our first ever appearance on this circuit in the Armagnac region famous for its excellent cuisine and brandy. This race has been purchased by the Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy, so please support this event - pit garages will be included in the entry fee! The final round of the 2018 championship will be yet another standalone double-header at Dijon-Prenois FRFR - one of the best tracks for our cars. In addition, the 2018 season will also feature standalone double-header races outside our championship on the Silverstone Grand Prix GBGB circuit in June as well as at the Oulton Park GBGB Gold Cup in August. It really doesn't get much better than that, so please make sure that you take full advantage of these fantastic opportunities and are present in large numbers such that we can continue to present exciting calendars in the future. Further details can be found on our calendar page - see you in 2018!

Paris by Night Award Dinner 2018

We are pleased to confirm that the Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy’s award dinner will take place in Paris on Saturday, February 10th, 2018 - save the date! Don't miss this opportunity and combine the trophy award dinner with a visit of Rétromobile or any of the famous & romantic Paris landmarks. Please send the dinner reservation form at the latest in early January.

Val de Vienne 2017 Algarve Classic Festival

Seven screamers ventured all the way to Portimão PTPT in order to take part in the Algarve Classic Festival together with our French Formula Ford Historic friends. Competitors were rewarded for the long journey with spectacular weather all week and a fantastic track - certainly a great way to finish the season. Derossi secured pole ahead of Gallo, Widmer, Pangborn, the duo of Bonny-Renavand, Delea and Timms. Clutch problems forced Derossi to retire on the opening lap of race 1 and thus the battle for the lead was left to Gallo and Widmer who managed to slip past Gallo when the later had to avoid a car facing the wrong way on turn 3. The field was bunched up again due to a short safety car phase, but in the end Widmer managed to cross the finish line ahead of Gallo and Pangborn. Between the races the Derossi's Chevron was turned 90 degrees and setup on just two of its wheels in order to sort out the clutch issue, thus allowing Derossi to start race 2 from the back of the grid. Unsurprisingly Derossi was irresistible, storming through the field to take the lead on lap 6 and the final win of the 2017 season ahead of Gallo and Pangborn as Widmer retired due to a broken throttle cable. Overall a great weekend and we certainly hope to return to the Algarve one day with a full grid as the track is exceptionally well suited for our screamers. Results, pictures and video are all online.


Watch two laps of race 1 at Portimão onboard Widmer's Brabham.

Val de Vienne 2017 Val de Vienne Championship Finale

The final round of the 2017 championship took place at Cicruit du Val de Vienne FRFR - our first ever appearance on this technical track. Competitors enjoyed perfectly mild and sunny conditions on Friday for testing and qualifying. Pole went to Widmer, narrowly beating Derossi and Gallo, followed by Pangborn and the closely matched trio of Slotine, Timms and Delea. The weather changed overnight and rain combined with a long trace of oil all around the circuit resulted in extremely slippery conditions for race 1 on Saturday morning despite an hour and a half long effort by marshalls to neutralize the oil. Pole-sitter Widmer didn't get along too well with these challenging conditions despite a slowly drying track and was quickly passed by Derossi and Gallo who fought closely for the lead until Gallo spun on lap 9, handing victory to Derossi. The sun came back out after lunch and so did grip on the track. The second race was started based on the results from race 1 and Derossi, Gallo and Widmer all could still win the championship. Despite a poor start and initially losing some positions Widmer's confidence was back and he caught up and passed Gallo on the second lap and started to chase Derossi while further back Pangborn, Slotine and Delea enjoyed some close racing. A spin by Derossi at Trop Tard on the seventh lap allowed Widmer to close the gap and the two had good fun for a few laps until Derossi span again on lap 11, allowing Widmer to escape. This meant that the 2017 championship would be decided by who had posted the fastest lap on the final race of the season and thus received the extra point. This turned out to be Derossi who had an excellent season overall and is a well deserved champion of the 2017 Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy. Results, pictures and video are all online.


Watch two laps of race 2 at Val de Vienne onboard Widmer's Brabham.

Zandvoort 2017 Zandvoort Historic GP

Shortly before qualifying for the Zandvoort NLNL Historic Grand Prix rain set in, triggering a lot of activity around the paddock as most of the 31 competitors changed to wet tires. Geoffroy Rivet once again showed his class in these tricky conditions, securing pole 3 seconds clear of Milicevic and Derossi. Fortunately, the sun came back out shortly thereafter, rewarding everybody with perfect conditions for the apero as well as the rest of the weekend. Milicevic lead early in race 1 ahead of Rivet and Derossi followed by a closely matched pack including Gallo, Scott, Blockley, Pangborn and Smith. Unfortunately Milicevic's engine lost power after just a few laps while Rivet was shown the black flag as he had not seen the signs for a drive through penalty early on. In the end Derossi won ahead of an impressive Smith who stormed to second from 13th on the grid, narrowly holding off Gallo after Blockley spun. Milicevic in Paul Waine's DeSanctis and Rivet from the pit lane started race from the back of the grid. After a clear start, the race soon settled at the front with Derossi, Smith and Gallo pulling away and Milicevic and Rivet fighting their way through traffic. A real race was on behind the first three with Blockley and Pangborn fighting for 4th place, changing positions and entering corners side by side every lap until Blockley's engine had enough. Scott had the best seat on the circuit to watch this fine racing and small groups or duels developed for the following slots. For the longest time it looked as if the podium from the day before would be repeated. It was the last lap when drama struck with Derossi and Smith closing in on Gustafson and Slotine, all approaching the last chicane. Four cars fighting for positions in a tight corner was too much and unfortunately Derossi and Gustafson collided, forcing both cars to retire and thus handing victory to Smith ahead of Gallo, Pangborn and Scott. Milicevic climbed to 5th position followed by quick newcomer Gerald Ludwig in his ex-Rivet Brabham BT28. Team France FRFR wins the 2017 Nations Cup. Results and pictures are online.

Cadwell Park 2017 Cadwell Park

An amazing 27 screamers lined up for qualifying in perfectly sunny conditions at Cadwell Park GBGB. Jon Milicevic once again demonstrated his skills and secured pole in a fantastic time ahead of Derossi, Hibberd, Widmer and Thompson. Temperatures continued to raise and track temperature exceeded a scorching 50 degrees by the time the full capacity grid of 26 cars lined up for the start for race 1. Milicevic immediately took the lead ahead of Hibberd, Derossi and Thompson. Derossi retired at the end of lap 3 due to overheating and soon thereafter the safety car came out, bunching everyone up again. Hibberd had hoped to challenge Milicevic on the restart but instead was battling with fuel issues due to the hot temperatures and eventually had to retire as well. Thompson spun at the hairpin after a good fight, allowing Widmer to move to second ahead of Blockley who had an excellent race. After the race, everyone was rewarded with a splendid apero organized by Anne and Peter Hamilton. On Sunday Milicevic once again was irresistible but close battles could be seen throughout the field. Hibberd had a lonely race finishing second ahead of Derossi who managed to squeeze past Needham on the last lap. Lots of sunshine, an iconic track, international competitors from as far as Australia and a great atmosphere in the paddock - an excellent weekend overall. Results, pictures and video are now online.


Watch the first two laps of race 2 at Cadwell Park onboard Widmer's Brabham.

Silverstone 2017 Silverstone International Trophy

Local ace Jon Milicevic in his Brabham took full advantage of racing on his home track and had a perfect weekend, securing pole in qualifying as well as first place and fastest lap in both races. The only other competitor being able to challenge Jon was Goodwood winner Andrew Hibberd, but this time Andrew had to settle for second place as Jon simply proved too quick even for him. The level of competition in Historic F3 racing has increased significantly as demonstrated by the fact that nine cars qualified in a time that would have secured them pole position under similar conditions just two years ago. The group of followers was lead by Steve Smith and Peter Thompson who managed to complete the podium and secure a third place each. While qualifying was under perfect and dry conditions, a torrential downpour shortly thereafter forced race control to suspends action on the track for nearly an hour. As a result, conditions for race 1 were rather tricky as the wet track proved to be very slippery, resulting in repeat spins throughout the field. Widmer was the only other top ten qualifier besides Milicevic, Hibberd and Smith on the podium to avoid a spin and thus secured a forth place ahead of Pangborn, Scott and Derossi. Conditions for race 2 on Sunday were a lot better as the weather was warm and sunny once again. Milicevic quickly pulled clear as Hibberd had a moment on the opening lap at Luffield. Thompson was best of the rest as he stormed through the field securing third place after not finishing on Saturday ahead of Claridge, Derossi, Blockley and Scott. Overall definitely a great weekend on the Silverstone Grand Prix GBGB circuit! Results, pictures and video are now online.


Watch some laps of race 2 on the Silverstone Grand Prix onboard Derossi's Chevron.

Alpine Paul Ricard 2017 Paul Ricard

Competitors enjoyed perfect conditions in sunny South of France for the start of the 2017 championship with a double-header on the Paul Ricard FRFR circuit just one year before Formula One returns to Le Castellet. Gallo in his ex-Jaussaud Tecno took the lead midway through race 1 and never looked back with Derossi's Chevron and Widmer's Brabham slotted in the following positions ahead of Messer and Timms as Slotine couldn't take the start due to engine failure in qualifying. The race ended prematurely for Derossi on lap 6 due to a bent front suspension after some unfortunate contact but luckily the Chevron could be repaired for the second race thanks to the magic of Mr. Filoche! Gallo and Widmer enjoyed a good fight for the lead in HF3 in company of a nice group of Historic Formula Fords in race 2 until the Tecno ran out of fuel, thus handing victory to Widmer ahead of Derossi and Timms who had a good weekend overall. Results and pictures are now online.

Goodwood 75MM Goodwood #75MM

For a third year in a row, the 2017 screamer season started at the 75th Members' Meeting with the Derek Bell Cup for F3 1000cc cars at Goodwood GBGB. A light drizzle on Saturday morning resulted in a wet track for qualifying. Last year's winner Andrew Hibberd mastered the tricky conditions best and secured pole position 0.7 seconds ahead of current British F3 champion Simon Armer, followed by Jonathan Hughes in the ex-Methley Merlin who completed the front row while Paul Waine and Christoph Widmer managed to post times good enough for second row. Unfortunately, the engine in 2015 winner James King's Chevron failed on the second lap, side-lining him for the rest of the event. Luckily, the track dried up during the day and 24 screamers lined up for the race late on Saturday afternoon in perfect conditions in front of a sell-out crowd. Jonathan Hughes had the best start and challenged Hibberd going into Madwick corner, but Hibberd wasn't going to yield, took advantage of knowing the track inch by inch and was seen from far away only for the rest of the race, recording lap record upon lap record. Spectators enjoyed an intense 6 car battle for second position between Hughes, Wilson, Thompson, Claridge, Waine and Blockley for the next few laps. Waine spun on lap 4 exiting the chicane and Blockley's race was cut short when he clipped the inside wall on the chicane on lap 8, damaging his front suspension in the process. Claridge retired in lap 14, however, the fierce battle for second place lasted until the last lap, with Wilson narrowly beating Thompson and Hughes, all three passing the checkered flag within one second - a fantastic race overall! Results, video and pictures are now online.

Lotus 41 Illustration 2017 Calendar

We are excited to announce our calendar for 2017. For a third year in a row the season will be launched in March with the non-championship Derek Bell Cup for F3 screamers at the 75th Members' Meeting at Goodwood GBGB. Just like in 2016, the regular championship starts in April in sunny South of France with a double-header on the Paul Ricard FRFR circuit just one year before Formula One returns to Le Castellet for the French GP. The second round of the 2017 championship will take place on the Silverstone Grand Prix GBGB circuit in May. Next up we return to Cadwell Park GBGB in June for a standalone double-header at the spectacular period circuit featured in the Hunt vs. Lauda movie Rush! The 6th Nations Cup Revival will take place in early September at the Grand Prix Historic in Zandvoort NLNL - a season highlight and event not to be missed. Round five will conclude the 2017 championship with a double-header at Val de Vienne FRFR - our first ever appearance on this circuit. However, that doesn't mean that the season is over as we have been invited to participate in the non-championship Algarve Classic Festival at Portimão PTPT - this is the perfect opportunity to combine your passion for historic F3 1000cc racing with holidays in Portugal. Further details can be found on our calendar page - we're looking forward to seeing you in action in 2017!