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Hockenheim 2002

Like 2001, we had the sunshine to welcome us and all perfect conditions to start the qualifying session. It's L.Cordel (March 703) who takes pole position followed by all pilots we use to see at the front of the grid :P.Ringström, H.Unold, V.Rivet, U.Hansmarkus...

For the first race, it's V.Rivet who takes the lead at the first curve and will keep the position for 2 laps.

During the 3rd lap, in the stadium, H.Unold takes the lead. V.Rivet, probably surprised, is overtaked in the same time by Ringström and Cordel.

For several laps, we see different leader. At mid race, P.Ringström stops (tech problem) and L.Cordel takes the lead until the finish line, H.Unold 2nd and U.Hansmarkus 3rd.

For the 2nd race, everybody take a good start and at the first curve, H.Cordel is leader, followed by H.Unold, V.Rivet and M.Slotine. P.Ringström, starting from the end of the grid, comes back at the front of the race in few laps but again stops. Until the finish line, H.Cordel keeps confortably the lead. H.Unold, U.Hansmarkus and V.Rivet finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th, just separated by 3 seconds.

Hockenheim 2002 Hockenheim 2002

Hockenheim 2002