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It's with a lot of pleasure that we joined the 750 Motors Club at Snetterton for the 5th round of the Trophy and we have to thank you for the great organisation V.Ayres and R.Knight (members of the 750 MC board). We had the pleasure to welcome for the second time G.Bianchnini (Tecno), coming from Italy ! and the "new" car of D.Pullen : the very first Ensign F3 1.0, built by Mo Numm in 1970...wonderfull car !. While friday was very rainy, saturday and sunday were perfect, much better than the rest of Europe.

We started the qualifying session by a noise test. Whithout any surprise !, some of them were over the limit (118db) even with silencer (thank you for the organiser comprehension). It's K.Messer (Vessey) who made pole position, followed by V.Rivet (Brabham BT28), G.Rivet (Brabham BT21), M.Slotine (Merlyn MK14),... R.Urwin (Brabham BT28) didn't qualify because of little problem just before the start of the qualifying session (for the first race, he will start at the end of the grid). At the end of the session, D.Pullen broke his engine. We really hope he will repear it soon, to see him again with us and his superb Ensign.

For the first race, it's K.Messer who took the lead of the race, followed by V.Rivet, M.Slotine, G.Rivet... During the first lap, G.Rivet, trying to overtake M.Slotine, spon at the second chicane.

At the front of the race, the lead changed several times between K.Messer and V.Rivet but V.Rivet spon also (probably a Rivet familly speciality !) in the first right curve. K.Messer finished first, V.Rivet 2nd and R.Urwin 3rd.For the second race, K.Messer took again the lead of the race, followed by V.Rivet, R.Urwin, M.Slotine. In the second lap of the race, M.Slotine started to loose some oil on the track and had to stop few laps later. The race was very close between K.Messer and V.Rivet but it's K.Messer who made first a spin. In the final lap, while K.Messer was trying to come back, he made a second spin in the last chicane, 200m before the finish line. K.Messer, coming back on the track, was overtaked by G.Rivet who finished 2nd; V.Rivet 1st, K.Messer 3rd, R.Urwin 4th, G.Bianchini 5th...