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It's always with the same plaisure that we came back to Spa for the second round of the Historic F3 1.0 Trophy.

As usual, we were racing with our F.Junior friends. 28 cars took part of the 1st qualifying session. It's V.Rivet (Brabham BT28) who made the pole position, followed by U.Eberhardt (Lotus 27), K.Messer (Vesey), P.Ringström (Tecno). While the weather was cloody but dry on friday, it began to rain on saturday and drivers were not abble to improve their 1st qualifying time.

On Sunday, for the race, the weather conditions were very difficult with a lot of rain, smog, some snow also and only 2 degrees of temperature (in may !!!). Several pilots decided to not take part of the race and some of them decided, after the warming lap, to come back in to the pit "just too risky". At the rolling start, it's P.Ringström who took the lead, followed by M.Slotine and K.Rauschen.

During the race, in addition of the "swimming pool track", the temperature was soo cold that many cars had to stop : ice in the carburator ! P.Ringström was one of them and stopped after 3 laps. Only 10 pilots finished the race and all of them have to be congratulate.

With a real "maestra", M.Slotine won the race, 2nd H.Cordel and 3rd P.Smith (FJ). Congratulation also to Jenny Baker Carr (Tecno) who made the race without rain tyres, stopped during the race because of ice in the carburator and came back on the track to finish.