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For the first time in the Historic F3 1.0 Trophy, we had the pleasure to race in the Historic FIA Meeting of Zolder, the 21, 22, 23th of june. Because of the number of big historic events in the same time and thanks to D.Rabagliati, we shared our grid with the F.Junior Lurani Trophy.

For the qualifying session, U.Eberhardt (F.J : Lotus 27) made the pole position. The best time in F3 1.0 was done by R.Fischer, folowed by U.Hansmarkus and P.Ringström (3 Tecnos !). Unfortunatly, during this session, M.Slotine broke his engine after few laps for unknown reasons.

For the race, at the start, U.Eberhardt kept his first position but, in the first lap, U.Hansmarkus, P.Ringström and V.Rivet overtaked R.Fischer. Because he forgot to screw the cap of the fuel tank !, V.Rivet stoped at the end of the first lap and restarted after. During this time, the "fight" between U.Eberhardt, U.Hansmarkus and P.Ringström was very hot. Unfortunatly, in the lap 5, just before the last chicane, U.Eberhardt broke his engine while he was leading the race. U.Hansmarkus and P.Ringström, coming just behind, slided on the oil, U.Hansmarkus crashed in the wall, lost 2 wheels and 1 of them, coming back on the track, broke the front wheel of P.Ringström Tecno. The 2 cars finished in the gravel. the pilots were ok but the cars were damaged (but repeared for Dijon). While R.Fischer and G.Rivet were fighting together, they discovered that they were leading the race ! R.Fischer finished 1st, G.Rivet 2nd and V.Rivet 3rd (with 2 laps late).