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Dijon 2003

The fourth round of the 2003'F3, 1000cc Trophy took place at Dijon for the Grand Prix o f Bourgogne, 2 races organised : 1 with only F3 1000cc on saturday and a "Final" between F3 and F3 Junior on sunday.DIJON 12, 13 July 2003

With about 350 car entries, the meeting started on thursday by scruteneering and untimed practices but some of the drivers arrived just before the qualifying session on friday morning. 18 cars took part of the session and it's V.Rivet with his Brabham BT 28 who realised a nex Dijon lap record 'in F3 1000cc) with 1'31''3, followed by H.Uber (Tecno) 1'31'6, H.Cordel (March 703) 1'31''6...

On friday night, Hansmarkus Uber announced during thz Trophy cocktail (17 bottles of Bourgogne wine and Champagne consummed !) that he retired from motor racing after 45 years of races ! umbelievable when you will read what happened after the first race.

For the first race, at the start, it's V.Rivet who took the lead, followed by H.Uber,H.Cordel, J.Tobler, R.Fisher... At all level of the race, the battle was very impressive. Unfortunatly, at the top of the race, some of the leaders had to stop because of technical problems. And it's Tobler who took the lead of the race. Behind, we had a great battle between F.Derossi, L.Joensson, G.Rivet, and R.Fisher who made a fantastic come back after a spin but fighting against gearbox problems. R.Fisher took the lead of the group 2 laps before the end, followed by G.Rivet, F.Derossi and L.Joensson. At 100m just before the finish line, R.Fisher had problems (again) with the fourth gear. G.Rivet overtook him and crossed the finish line 0,01 second before R.Fisher ! J.Tobler finished first, G.Rivet 2nd, R.Fisher 3rd.

As we said, some cars had engine problems, specially H.Uber with a broken came shaft and distribution pignons ! He didn't want to finish his career on an engine failure and gave a call at home (in Switzerland) and asked his mecanic to bring spares to rebuilt the engine. Spares arrived at 6pm and Hansmarkus worked all night with the friendly support of the other drivers to repair the engine... 2mn before the second race on sunday and took part of the race ! Incredible.

At the second race (left side of the grid for the F3 and Right side for the F.Junior), J.Tobler took the lead of the race, followed by R.Fisher, F.Derossi, L.Joensson.

G.Rivet ( abit optimistic at the start!) had to stop for a "stop and go" and restarted far away from the leaders, while R.Fisher, F.Derossi, L.JOENSSON were battling for the 2nd place. J.Tobler took about 10' of advance. But lap after lap, R.Fisher increase the speed with F.Derossi and came back just behind J.Tobler. R.Fisher, very quick during all the weekend, found the opportunity to overtake J.Tobler and won the race, J.Tobler 2nd, F.Derossi 3rd.

Great weekend, great meeting. Next one at Spa in septembre.