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Hockenheim 2003

We were all happy to be back at Hockenheim for our first meeting of the 2003 race season.

This year, we had the peasure to welcome some of the italian drivers of the Scuderia Madunina and also Duncan Rabagliati who came from England with his very nice Alexi (FJ) to race with us on friday and saturday and back to England on sunday for race at Donington! We also welcomed 1 new joiner, Mr Guerin with Chevron B9 while other new joiners will come during the season, as soon as their cars will be fully restored or prepared .

Juerg Tobler had planned for us a very good program with 2 practices and 1 race on the GP circuit. Like 2002, the weather was gold but dry, except for the first practice, early on friday morning.

At the qualifying session, it's H.Cordel, March 703, who made the pole with 1'40''9, followed by V.Rivet, Brabham BT28, J.Tobler, Chevron BT17, R.Fischer, Tecno and H.Uber who didn't race because of cameshaft problem on his engine...First FJ, 7th was D.Tellarini with his Foglieti

As usual in the Trophy, fun is not only on the track and all of us spent good moments at the traditionnal and well known "aperitif" and at the restaurant with 33 persons at the same table !

For the race, it's J.Tobler who took the best start and the lead at the first curve, followed by V.Rivet and H.Cordel. During the first lap, the fight btween Rivet and Tobler was superb: Rivet took the lead at the 2nd curve, Tobler was back in the lead in the stadium and Rivet took the lead again but, missing a gear, spon at the beginning of the 2nd lap. During this time Cordel was following shortly and chose the best moment to overtake J.Tobler. V.Rivet came back to the third position but R.Fischer, quicker and quicker lap after lap (1'414''0!) overtaked him in the 13th lap of 14.

For everybody, the race was very close with a lot of position changes, F.Junios quickers on some parts of the circuit and F3 quicker on other parts.

At the finish line, it's H.Cordel who made 1st, J.Tobler 2nd and R.Fischer 2rd. First FJ, Dtellarini at the 5th place.

Next race will be at Monza with the Scuderia Madunina the 3-4th of may