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3, 4 MAY 2003

For the first time in the trophy, we joined the Scuderia Storico Club for a race at Monza. As usual, D.Tellarini planned for us a good program and the good weather permitted all wifes to have good time at Milano for shopping or just in the park, close to the circuit.

We were very happy about the participation with 31 cars on the entrylist and 2 new joiners, with a Matra MS5 coming from Italy and with a Titan MK3 coming from Sweeden.

The first practice (free) was for some of us the opportunity to discover the GP track and for the others to make sure they have rignt ratios. But we clearly saw that Urs Eberhardt with his Lotus 27 (FJ) was much quicker than F3 (2-3 sec)

For the qualifying cession, Hansmarkus Uber with his Tecno, who has a lot of racing experience, had the good idea to follow U. Eberhardt as much as possible and realize an incredible time in comparaison with the other F3. H. Uber made the pole : 2'13''7, followed by Eberhardt 2'14''2 and third, V.Rivet with his Brabham BT28 at 2'16''3, 2 sc from Uber! Well done Urs and Hansmarkus. We can notice that driver performances were very close with only O,5sc between the 3rd car and the 8th. That's givesyou an idea of the race on sunday.

On Sunday, all cars were on the grid and at the start, it's U Erberhardt wo took the lead, followed by H.Uber, V.Rivet, R.Fisher, H.Cordel,... Unfortunatly, J.Tobler had technical problem to start and was immediatly distanced from the top of the race and R.FIsher had to stop because of carburation problems. All the front runners stayed very close and while we thought U.Eberhardt would "disappear" by taking the lead far away from the others, all F.J an F3 kept in contact all the race.

In the last lap, the first 4 cars were in the same second. Just before the "parabolic" curve 'last curve before finish), V.Rivet close the inside of the Parabolic but U.Eberhardt and H.Cordel found a little place to avertake him at the outside. Finally U.Eberhard 1st, H.Cordel 2nd. V.Rivet 3rd and H.Uber 4th, the 4 cars in the same second ! The positions changed also at all level of the race and everybody enjoyed the race and the weekend.