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It's with a lot of pleasure that we had our third round of the Trophy at Zolder the 20-21-22th of june. As very often, we shares the grid withour friends of the F.Junior . Because of many other big events in the same period, the participation on both categories ( FJ and F3)was not very important but we had the pleasure to welcome a nex member :C.Smith with a superb Chevron B17.

The qualifying session started very early in the morning but ecery were ready.(H.Cordel arrived from france jusr 15' before!)Unfortunatly, H.Uber didn't take part of thepractice. In fact the scrutenering marshal didn't authorise him to take part because of the overdue date of the seabelts. The FIA should encourage people to race but in realiy... We hope to see Hansmarkus back with us at Dijon, his favourit circuit.

On the track, it's a F.Junior, MSchriver (Lotus 22) who made the pole, just followed by J.Tobler ( Chevron B17), H.COrdel ( March 703), V.Rivet ( Brabham BT 28), R.Fischer ( Tecno), C.Smith ( Chevron B17),... Well done Chris. Chris Smith didn't race F3 1000cc for 15 years but refound very quickly how to be very competitive with it. J.Tobler thank you his mecanic after a crash with his car the previous day where he damaged the body and the cooler. In fact, with fiber and superglue, you can do miracles, so his mecanis worked all friday to make the car running again. Unfortunatly for M.Schriver, his engine suffered during the practice and Mickael decided not to take part of the race.

On sunday, still with a very shiny weather ( at the beginning), it's J.Tobler who took the lead of the race, followed by R.Fisher who realized a great start, V.Rivet, H.Cordel... But at the second chicane, J.Tobler spon. At the end of the first lap, R.Fischer had the lead, followed closely by V.Rivet and H.Cordel. Unfortunatly because of ignition problems, H.Cordel had to stop in the second lap. Very motivated and driving perfectly, J.Tobler came back to the front runners and took the lead again. The positions stayed the same until lap 9 (of 13) when a little shower started, transforming the track as ice. Surprised by the modification of the grip, R.Fischer and V.Rivet spon in the same time. While J.Tobler tried to keep on the track, R.Fischer and V.Rivet came back again. during the last laps, R.Fischer really pushed and tried many times to overtake J.Tobler. But J.Tobler driving perfectly ! with a lot of control kept the first place. 2nd : R.Fischer, 3rd: V.Rivet, 4th: C.Smith....

Just a FANTASTIC race.

Hope to see all of you at Dijon in few days